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Saturday, August 28, 2010

BADM Floor Report: The Best Story Ever

In Look Out Cove, there were 6 children.
They were looking for treasures in the Pirate Boat.

I was helping them to find treasures: rocks, Chinese pots, pennies, and so on.
While I was talking with them, I learned that today was a birthday for one of them.

I left the Pirate Boat to check other people and exhibit.

Then, one of the girl came to me, and she asked if I could help finding more pennies.

She explained that they decided to buy a secret gift for the birthday girl with those pennies they found in the treasure boat.

She told me that I must keep it secret.

I thought how wonderful and considerable those children were!!!

So, I said, "Here, take some of mine. I 'found' those too."
(You know, I did not find. Those were change from my pocket...)

Then, this girl said, "Oh, no. You keep it because you found it."

Oh, my...

I felt so deeply.

So, I happily helped them finding more treasures.

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