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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Postcard For The Best Friend

Kai had a lot of friends in Fairfax, and especially, a boy who lived in the same apartment was a special friend. Kai always visited his room, and the friend visited our room too. I felt he was like Kai’s brother. And, you know, the best friends: whatever he liked, Kai liked. Kai spoke like he spoke, etc, etc.

In Hong Kong, Kai always talks about this friend, so I suggested sending a letter for him. We went to a gift shop, Kai spent a long time to choose a post card. Kai chose fireworks postcard. Kai said, “because he doesn’t know!!” In deed, we saw this fireworks on October 1st for Chinese National Day.  It was one of the spectacular experiences in HK.




Kai writing “Dear…  I love you,”


(Sorry!! I wrote on the card that Kai was drawing “a Roller Coaster,” but it was a playground which he wanted to take him!!)


The other day, we visited a post office.

PB010266 Kai waiting in a line patiently. Everywhere in Hong Kong, we have to wait in a long line…





Kai put stamp on and put in the mail box.


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