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Monday, June 28, 2010


Bay Area Discovery Museumで働き始めて、3週間。 たくさんの方たちの笑顔を見ることが出来て、なんて幸せな仕事なんだろう!と思う毎日です。

Since I started working at BADM, it has been three weeks. I am surrounded by so many smiles, and everyday, I feel how lucky I am to work such a place.


それと、最近思うのは、 『ほんとに、みんな違うんだなぁー』 って事。

Recently, what I noticed was that everybody is really different.


ミュージアムの施設やオモチャは、基本的に毎日、同じものがおいてあります。例えば、マグネットブロック(△と□のみ)とか。 でも、その同じブロックで、毎日、誰かが新しいものを作ってる。 スゴイなぁ~と思います。(写真は、三角で出来たテントと、屋根です。 きちんと入り口のスペースが開けてあります。)



Everyday, the museum’s exhibit and toys are basically the same. For example, the magnet blocks; the triangles and squares. But, everyday, somebody makes something new!!  Look the picture above! A girl made this “tent” by triangles. She carefully made an open space for the entrance!

It is true fact of that, in the early childhood education, we all know that every child has own way to learn and there is Multi Intelligence theory to support it. And, in this museum, I’m facing to those differences, a hundreds and thousands of differences !!! I’m really amazed.




ミュージアムは、プリスクールと違って、お子様は必ず保護者同伴となっています。 だから、この3週間で、おそらく500組みくらいの家族を見てきたと思います。



教科書で学んだ家族スタイルが、目の前に現れたような感じがします。 もちろん、どのようなスタイルの家族が良いとか悪いとかではなく、それぞれの違いからくるニーズの違い。 それにあわせたサービスが提供できればいいなぁ~と思いながら眺めています。


Also, I noticed the differences of family structures.

Unlike preschool, every child visits the museum with their caregivers. And, you know, in the textbook of child development (again!), they say that there is so many different types of family structure, so we need to consider about it.


I see it here!!

Nuclear family, single parent family, big family, kinship family, same sex family, etc.

The important point is that I’m not judging anything. Everyday, I’m observing the differences of family structures, and I’m thinking what can I do for them? What is their needs? How can I make them to feel more comfortable  and make their visit more effective?



子育ての違いは、民族文化的な背景から、その保護者さんの個人的な性格まで、いろーんな要素が組み合わさっています。 ですが、だいたい4つの分野に分けることが出来るそうです。 細かい指示を子どもに与える方、逆に、子どもを放ったらかしにする方など。



There is one more difference I see everyday. It is parenting style. The text book says that there are four types of parenting styles; authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. Again, I’m not saying that which style is better or not.

Actually, when I became a parent, I learned that even in a day, I change my parenting style. You know, when I have time to play, I would stay permissive, but when I have to do so many things, I become more authoritarian or uninvolved, and so on.



こうやって、毎日、すごい数の “違い” に接していると、何が子供にとって一番良いのか?解らなくなってきます。





How can I say?

I’m facing to so many differences, and you know, this is museum. Children go through me so quick. I have only few minutes to observe children and families. Some time, it is only few second.

What can I do in this few second as an educator?

I’m thinking…

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