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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BADM Floor Report, July 20 2010

Before I write anything, I would like to say, “Thank you!!” for all of our BADM guests.

Last few days, I’ve noticed that the strollers were parked really nice and organized way! I am really appreciate for this, and I am proud of all our guests.

Thank you so much.



P7200023 P7180010

Art Studio 5

P7200017 P7200018

In Art Studio 5, instead of water color and magnet blocks, we set up a larger table for “A Bottom of a Toy Box.” We offer a variety of toys for children, so each child will have an opportunity to explore, discover, imagine, connect, and immerse in own pace.

 P7200024 P7200025

A house for a whale? I never thought about that, but children came with own ideas.

From Building 559


At lunch time, I was watching outside.

I saw a girl, maybe 3 or 4y. She was skipping. I did not know what happened to her, but her face was a full of smile.


I saw babies.

Standing on own two feet made him a big smile.

Moving own arms and making sounds on a drum made her feel such a pride.


Of course, I can skip, I can stand, and I can play music.


Do I smile like them?

Children’s smiles reminded me something I might forget.

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