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Thursday, July 29, 2010

BADM Floor Report, July 29 2010

Satterlee Road

P7290072 P7290071

We got DOTS!


Look Out Cove, Gravel Pit

  2 1

 4 3

I found two boys working more than 20 min to build parking spaces for their trucks. I was really interested how differently they made those parking lot. By the way, those two boys were, at first,  strangers. They were playing next each other, and later, with mom’s scaffolding for social interaction, they became friends. Actually, their names were the same!!

Anyway, when I saw one boy’s eyes, I could tell how deep he was in his immersion in his construction. You know, the eyes with a deep concentration: shiny but focused on one place, winkles in between his eyes,  quiet, moving but not fast, and so on. I could tell that he was thinking, planning, imagining for his parking space.

On the other hand, the other boy was observing, exploring and discovering what he could do with those materials. When he put a large red panel in the gravel, he told me with a bit smile, “Oh! Look!!” He made it standing  like a slope. It was different, it was his original, and it was his discovery. And, he kept making this slopes and used them for his construction.

Two different ways in construction: “plan and make it!” or  “feel and make it!”

There are some researches for those differences, “It’s examples of left brain user and right brain user!!” or, “It’s Multi-intelligence theory!! One is advanced for spatial skill, and another one is good  for inter-personal skill” or something.


I am not sure what theory tells us, but I think the most important point is that those two children were watching each other. They (and I) were teaching and learning from their differences.

I’m really happy to see those moments.

Studio 10


In addition to Tot Spot, Hula Hoop

I found great hoop people at San Rafael Farmers Market,

And, here, my son tries…

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