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Sunday, April 18, 2010

施設の紹介:Kidspace (Los Angeles)

Kidspace, children’s museum



Because I had a chance to go to LA, I visited children’s museum, Kidspace.




4つのピリオド(たまご・いもむし・さなぎ・ちょう)に分けて合って、すっごく素敵♪ でも、すごく高いところに、4つバラバラに吊るしてある。 あの高さ、それぞれの距離… 大人にとっては、簡単にそれぞれをつなげて、チョウチョのライフサイクルを感じることが出来るけど、子供の視点からでは、おそらく、なんも見えない。 大人の自己満足な展示になってしまってるんじゃないかな?と思った。

あと、スタッフによるアクティビティも、どうかな?と思わずにいられなかった。。。 でも、お客さんはたくさん入ってたので、それは、それで良いのだろう。

I had some questions in this museum.

For example, the butterfly tapestry.

That was four big tapestries, each one represents butterfly’s life stages, egg, caterpillar, chrysalis,  and butterfly. Each tapestry was cool. But, they were bung really high and they were separated in huge distance. For adult, it is easy to see all four tapestries and make connection as a life cycle of butterfly. However, on children’s height with children’s cognitive development, how do they see those tapestry?

Also, some activities their staffs were providing, I thought something strange. But, children were happy and they were smiling. There were a lot of visitors, and parents seemed happy too. I guess they were all happy there, and I have nothing to say for it.



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