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Thursday, April 22, 2010




今週、送るところまで 辿りつきましたあせあせ

パソコンの中の KAIくんが、海の向こうのKAIくんになったみたいです。

すごい! いろんなものが、育ってます!!!

In this playdate, we have a member from Japan. ( You know, I mean that we live in California, and they live in Japan. So it is oversea communication.) We have started by exchanging letters and videos.

Just today, I received this message, so I put it here,

This week, finally she finished writing a letter [to Kai], so we sent it. (She[, the child,] spent four days to feel satisfaction for her letter.)

Now, few days past, and each time when she see the ocean, she asks, “Is the postman carrying my letter for Kai?”

She is looking forward to that Kai receives the letter, and it looks like that the Kai in the PC became Kai over the sea.

I feel this is amazing! A lot of things are growing!!!

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