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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

遊びの紹介(Play Activity):文通, Oversea Communication




We started oversea communication.

Last time, my son sent a birthday card for oversea member in this play community.

P4050010 P4050011


This time, we received a letter from her.


P4270092 P4270093

このお手紙、お子さんが4日間かけて作って下さったそうです。 お絵かきと、折り紙で作ったお札と、Reuse された牛乳パックで出来たコイン。


The child spent four days to make those letters. ( Scribble, some money made by Origami paper, coins made by reused milk pack, and some “Words”)

The mother who captured from the child’s comment is impressive.




“Dear Mr. Kai,

Because we did not meet yet, see you again!”


その後、送って頂いた “お金”を使って、遊んでいます♪

After we have received this letter, our play changed! We use money now!!


単位などは違いますが、“お金”は、万国共通のテーマと言っても過言ではないと思います。 子どもたちは、大人の生活、身の回りの人的環境を観察することにより、お金に “力” があることに気づいています。小さく、弱い立場にある子供たちが、その力を求め、コントロールしようとすることは、とっても自然な事ですし、数字の導入、文字を書くこと、お店の人と言葉を交わす社交性などなど、いろ~んな事を子どもが学んでいける、素晴らしい遊びだと思います。


The unit of money is different in different countries, but “Money” is something we share in the most of the world. Also, children are observing adults’ lives, and children knew that money is something that has the “POWER.” Of course, it is natural way for children to seek that “POWER” and try to control it. Not only the power seeking for children, but also this play can be math, literature, and social activity. I really like this play, and I’m appreciate for my member of this play community.

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