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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

番外編:幼児教育の保護者への影響:Children Evoke Parents

昔から自分は、『絵が描けない』と思い込んでいました。 でも、幼児教育を学び、毎日子どもたちが楽しそうに絵を描いてるのを見ていて、ある日、ふと 『自分もやってみたい!』と思いました。



Long, long time, I believed that “I can’t paint (or draw).” But, since I studied Child Development and everyday I watched children painting  joyfully, I thought, “I wanna do it too!!”

So, I took art class at community college in 2007.

Below is my (parent’s) products. Not children.





Because of children, I could find my sleeping talent. It increased my self-esteem too.

And, I truly feel that education is not “one-way” teaching-learning. It is “two-way” teaching & learning.

What a wonderful gift from children!  Thank you so much!

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